Covid-19 Health and Safety Measures

Customer Guidelines 


  • please only come in if you are feeling 100% - this includes symptoms due to allergies. 

  • please wear a mask when you come into the shop and for the duration of your appointment. 

  • we are accepting only one customer per artist at a time. This means you cannot be accompanied by another person even if that person is getting a tattoo after you. 

  • call your artist before arrival so that he can let you in. 

  • you will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival. 


Thank you for following our new guidelines. You are helping us all keep a safe work environment. 

New shop protocol 


  • clean and sanitize EVERYTHING before your first customer. That includes, copier & stencil maker, bathroom, stairwell, door handles, etc. 

  • wear mask & cloves when you are with a customer - try to get reusable masks for yourself, the disposable ones are hard to find and expensive! (Asian groceries stores have them sometimes)

  • ask customers to come only if they are feeling 100% - customers having allergy symptoms need to reschedule. 

  • ask customers to come with a mask on (we will have a limited # of disposable ones but they are expensive and very limited)

  • ask customers to wash hands when entering shop and offer customers gloves

  • clean credit card machine before and after each use

  • clean door handles before and after each customer 

  • only one customer per artist at a time in the shop - no customer accompaniment 

  • keep shop door locked to avoid walk-ins etc. 

  • ask customers to call when they have arrived so you can let them in 

  • if a customer seems to be unwell, even if they say it’s allergies, you need to reschedule